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Forces, Motion, Energy. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which force tries to pull all things toward the core?
a) Magnetism
b) Gravity
c) Friction
d) Thrust

Which object would require the greatest amount of force to move one meter?
a) 25 kg of ice
b) 2 kg of cement
c) 25 g of toilet paper
d) 500 mg of aspirin

When a football is thrown, this force will slow it down and create heat.
a) Thrust
b) Magnetism
c) Friction
d) Electrical force

What does it mean to accelerate an object?
a) Use force to make it move more slowly.
b) Use force to make it move more quickly.
c) Use force to crush the object.
d) Use force to stop the object.

A magnetic field can be created from which of the following?
a) An electric current.
b) Rubbing two pencils together.
c) Throwing an object.
d) Eating the object.

In magnetism, which pole of a magnet will repel a south pole?
a) A north pole.
b) A south pole.
c) Both a north and a south pole.
d) Neither a north nor a south pole.

Lightning is an example of ...
a) Static electricity
b) Current electricity
c) Photosynthesis
d) Organic matter

Which is an example of the energy transfer that cooks your toast?
a) Sound energy turns to electrical energy
b) Electrical energy turns to heat and light energy
c) Chemical energy turns to sound energy
d) Heat and light energy turn to mechanical energy.

What is missing from this energy chain? bird--> snake--> owl--> hawk
a) Producers, like seeds.
b) Marine animals.
c) First level consumers.
d) Carnivores

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) Wind
b) Oil
c) Coal
d) Natural Gas

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