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Which form of energy can a person feel from a lit candle?
a) heat energy
b) kinetic energy
c) chemical energy
d) mechanical energy

Which object best represents mechanical energy?
a) a leaf on an oak tree
b) the batteries in a flashlight
c) the wheel on a moving tractor
d) the water evaporating from a sidewalk

A student added an unknown solution to cabbage juice, and the solution changed from purple to dark green. The solution is
a) neutral.
b) a weak acid.
c) a strong acid.
d) a strong base.

Which group of substances would most likely be classified as acids?
a) soap, ammonia, limewater
b) ammonia, vinegar, baking soda
c) vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice
d) orange juice, limewater, baking soda

A scientist mixes rainwater and cabbage juice. The cabbage juice turns green. The rainwater is
a) neutral.
b) a base.
c) an acid.
d) an indicator.

An indicator changed from red to blue when students tested
a) lemon juice.
b) a bar of soap.
c) white vinegar.
d) a cola drink.

Which item is not a common base?
a) baking soda
b) ammonia
c) bar of soap
d) vinegar

Which form of energy is stored in a flashlight battery?
a) chemical
b) heat
c) kinetic
d) mechanical

Which activity is not an example of chemical energy?
a) food entering a stomach
b) burning a piece of wood
c) sunlight coming to Earth
d) turning on a battery-powered toy

Which type of energy is related to compressed springs, stretched rubber bands, and a bow and arrow?
a) mechanical
b) light
c) heat
d) chemical

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