AC Voltage Question Preview (ID: 51771)

Ac Voltage Is The Main Source Of Electricity Uses In Our Homes Instlations.

The voltage that cause electrocution leading to death is :
a) 25 V in dry places
b) Current less than 100 mA
c) 25 V in wet places and 50 V in dry places
d) All the above choices

The horizontal sensitivity ( Time base ) is used to determine
a) Frequency
b) Effective voltae
c) Maximum voltage
d) All the above choices

Effective voltage is determined by the following law :
a) Ueff = I/T
b) U eff = Sv x Y
c) U eff = Umax/√2
d) None of the choices

Period ( T ) can be determined by Law T = Vb x where x is
a) The number of units in the amplitude ( y – units )
b) The number of units in one crest
c) The number of units between two crests
d) All the above choices

The unit of current in SI unit is :
a) Volt
b) Ampere
c) Watt
d) Joule

The voltage supplied by the mains of EDL characterized by :
a) Alternating sinusoidal
b) Frequency %0 Hz
c) Effective voltage 220 Volt
d) All the above choices

The voltmeter measures :
a) Maximum voltage
b) Effective voltage
c) Effective current
d) Maximum current

The wave form of DC voltage on oscilloscope is
a) Sinusoidal wave
b) Triangular wave
c) Rectangular wave
d) straight line

The screw driver glows when tests :
a) Neutral line
b) Live line
c) Ground line
d) All the above choices

The Oscilliscope uses to find the :
a) Maximum voltage
b) Period
c) Type of voltage
d) All the above choices

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