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The unjust use of government power is called
a) Tyranny
b) Dictatorship
c) Democracy
d) Traitor

A new settlement or territory established and governed by a country in another land
a) Fort
b) Province
c) Colony
d) Capitol

Secret group of American Patriots responsible for gathering support and organizing boycotts
a) Milita
b) Sons of LIberty
c) Parliament
d) Minute Men

Patriot soldiers who were ready to fight at a minutes notice
a) Militia
b) Sons of Liberty
c) Parliament
d) Minute Men

This act placed a tax on all printed materials
a) Stamp Act
b) Quartering Act
c) Townshend Act
d) Tea Act

This law made it illegal for colonists to cross the Appalachian Mountains and settle in the Ohio River Valley
a) Stamp Act
b) Proclomation of 1763
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Quartering Act

This act placed a tax on all imported goods
a) Stamp Act
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Townshend Acts
d) Tea Act

This act was meant to punish the Patriots for their role in the Boston Tea Party
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Tea Act
c) Quartering Act
d) Stamp Act

This act forced the colonists to house the British soldiers and collect money for thier supplies
a) Stamp Act
b) Quartering Act
c) Townshend Act
d) Intolerable Act

This act caused the Sons of Liberty to organize a protest known as the Boston Tea Party
a) Quartering Act
b) Stamp Act
c) Tea Act
d) Townshend Act

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