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The amount of matter in an object is
a) mass.
b) weight
c) density....
d) volume.

The amount of space an object takes up is
a) mass...
b) weight
c) density.
d) volume.

___________ is the amount of mass per unit volume.
a) Density
b) Weight
c) Volume
d) Mass

When a rock is placed into a container of water, the water level rises. Which characteristic of the rock is being measured?
a) how much matter it contains
b) the amount of potential energy in it
c) the amount of gravity pulling on it
d) how much space it takes up

Which pile has the greatest volume?
a) a 1 kg pile of feathers
b) a 1 kg pile of dirt
c) a 1 kg pile of rocks
d) a 1 kg pile of sugar

Which of the following would have a high mass but a small volume?
a) a balloon
b) a flower
c) a brick
d) an elephant

Which method would be used to determine the density of an object?
a) Compare the mass and weight.
b) Measure the length and width and multiply by two.
c) Measure the volume and multiply by the mass.
d) Compare the mass and the volume.

Two blocks of wood are the same size, but one floats and one sinks. This is because the have different
a) masses and different densities.
b) volumes and different densities.
c) volumes but the same densities.
d) masses but the same density.

Define volume.
a) the amount of force of gravity on an object
b) the amount of space an object takes up
c) the amount of weight inside a cubic inch
d) the total amount of mass in an object

Define mass.
a) the amount of matter in an object
b) the amount of force of gravity on an object
c) the amount of space an object takes up
d) the amount of light entering an object

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