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What does is it mean to make an inference?
a) make observations
b) draw a conclusion
c) replace
d) test

Which of the following CANNOT protect you from splashing acid?
a) Gloves
b) Fire Extinguisher
c) Apron
d) goggle

Which of the following is NOT an example of a scientific hypothesis?
a) Lava takes different forms depending on how it cools.
b) Some animals can detect ultrasound frequencies caused by earthquakes.
c) Earthquakes happen because of stresses along continental plates.
d) Paintings are prettier than sculptures.

Using a computer to make a three dimensional picture of a building is a type of which of the following?
a) model
b) hypothesis
c) constant
d) variable

Which is an example of technology?
a) cat
b) poem
c) painting
d) squirt bottle

What explains something that takes place in the natural world?
a) Scientific law
b) experiments
c) Scientific theory
d) technology

An airplane model is an example of what type of model?
a) physical
b) idea
c) mental
d) computer

What is a rule describing a pattern in nature called?
a) scientific law
b) scientific theory
c) explanation
d) experiment

To calculate the average speed you must:
a) Divide distance over time
b) Multiply distance and time
c) Add distance and time
d) None of the above

is the speed of an object at any instant of time.
a) velocity
b) average speed
c) instantaneous speed
d) None of the above

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