Science Midterm Gr 6 B Question Preview (ID: 5157)

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A/an ________________ is a push or pull.
a) Motion
b) Force
c) Inertia
d) law of motion

What is the unit for force?
a) Kilometers (km)
b) Meters (m)
c) Centimeters (cm)
d) Newtons (N)

Two or more forces are __________________ if they cancel each other out.
a) Balanced
b) unbalanced
c) heavy
d) inertia

When more then one force acts on an object, the forces are combined, this is called
a) Balanced forces
b) Unbalanced forces
c) Net Force
d) Laws of motion

If you push on a door with a larger force than the person on the other side, the forces being applied are called:
a) Balanced
b) Unbalanced
c) Motion
d) Momentum

Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) Oil
b) Sunlight
c) Water
d) Trees

Dumping used motor oil on the ground could create
a) Water pollution
b) Acid Rain
c) Solid Waste
d) Air pollution

_______________include everything that living organisms need for survival:
a) conservation
b) Homes
c) Natural Resources
d) Forests

Natural resources include:
a) Both Renewable and NonRenewable resources
b) Only renemewable resources
c) Only nonrenewable resources
d) None of the above

These resources take MORE than 100 years to replace:
a) renewable resources
b) nonrenewable resources
c) Any natural resource
d) None of the above

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