Figurative Language Question Preview (ID: 51535)

Idioms, Similes, Metaphors, Personification, Hyperbole, Etc.

Sarah told Geraldine that (her hands were tied), making it impossible to help her with the problem.
a) metaphor; describing how Sarah was too tied up
b) simile; compares Sarah and Geraldine approach to the problem
c) idiom; describes how Sarah could not help
d) alliteration; there are a lot of t's sounds

Emilio (was such a hog) last night at supper.
a) idiom; for how much Emilio ate
b) metaphor; describes Emilio as being greedy
c) hyperbole; an exaggeration of Emilio's eating habits
d) simile; compares Emilio to a hog

The(tornado alert screeched) a warning for everyone to seek shelter immediately.
a) personification; humanistic qualities given to the tornado alarm
b) metaphor; describes the danger on the horizon
c) simile; compares the tornado alert to a loud sound
d) hyperbole; an over-exaggeration of how loud the alert was

My mom said she has told (a million times) to go clean up my room.
a) metaphor; describes how my mom feels that I'm lazy
b) similes; compares my mom and my room
c) idiom; a non-literal description of how messy my room is
d) hyperbole; an over-exaggeration how many times I was told to do something

Josh's face was (bone white) after hearing his name called next to present his presentation.
a) idiom; a non-literal description of color of his face
b) metaphor; describes how scare he felt
c) hyperbole; an over-exaggeration of not being prepare for work
d) rhetorical question; wish his name was not called

That (ELA test was a breeze). I finished it in less than 30 minutes.
a) hyperbole; overly describes the toughness of the test
b) idiom; describes the test
c) personification; describes the test feels
d) metaphor; how the test easy was the test

Mary was shocked to see that the hotel's pillows were (as soft as a cloud).
a) metaphor; describes how soft the pillows feel
b) personification; describes how the pillow makes her feel
c) hyperbole; an exaggeration of the pillow's texture
d) idiom; literal description of how nice the hotel room was

The (flowers weep) as they finally rejoice for the May showers that pour down on them.
a) idioms; a literal description of how much they need water for nourishment
b) hyperbole; an exaggeration of how the flowers were going through a drought
c) personification; a human characteristic of crying being apply to the flowers
d) metaphor; comparison of the flowers to the rain

When my mom finds out that we broke a favorite vase, (she'll hit the roof).
a) idiom; a literal description of how mad she will be
b) idiom; a non-literal description of her touching the roof
c) hyperbole; an over-exaggeration of how mad she will be
d) rhetorical question; describes the emotion being felt by everyone

After a long day at school, I was ready (to hit the sack).
a) Idiom; wanting to take a nap
b) rhetorical question; not wanting to do anything when I get home
c) metaphor; comparing school work and feelings
d) idiom; a literal description of wanting to hit the bed

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