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I'm going to have my bedroom ----
a) painted
b) to paint
c) paint
d) painting

He's a tyrant . He makes his sister ---- all the housework !
a) do
b) to do
c) doing
d) done

I finally got him ---- his mess !
a) to clear up
b) clear up
c) cleared up
d) clearing up

There's no more central heating . Why not make an electrician --- ?
a) come
b) coming
c) came
d) to come

Don't you think it's time you had this machine ---- ?
a) repaired
b) repair
c) to repair
d) repairing

Nobody can make him ---- : he's too lazy !
a) work
b) working
c) worked
d) to work

All I want is to get my pupils ---- English !
a) to like
b) liked
c) liking
d) like

It's very difficult to make myself ---- when I'm in China !
a) understood
b) understood
c) to understand
d) understanding

They refuse to have foreigners ---- this place
a) visit
b) to visit
c) visiting
d) visited

The blackboard of our class is too old : we'll have it ----
a) changed
b) to change
c) changing
d) change

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