Astronomy Part 1 Review C Question Preview (ID: 515)

Astronomy Part 1 Topics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What effect do solar flares have on Earth?
a) cause global warming
b) cause the tides
c) cause magnetic pole reversal
d) cause auroras

What is the source of the Sun's energy?
a) nuclear fusion
b) photosynthesis
c) chemical burning
d) nuclear fision

Star A is farther from Earth than Star B. Both stars have the same absolute magnitude.
a) Star A will have the greater apparent magnitude.
b) Star B will have the greater apparent magnitude.
c) Both stars will have the same apparent magnitude.
d) We cannot determine either star's apparent magnitude.

About 90% of stars on the H-R Diagram are
a) red giants
b) white dwarfs
c) supergiants
d) main sequence stars

Main sequence stars that are the brightest are
a) also the hottest
b) the very cool
c) the smallest
d) the largest in diameter

Astronomers observations of red shifts in spectral lines of distant galaxies indicates
a) that Planet Earth is probably at the center of our universe
b) that Planet Earth is near the edge of our universe
c) that the universe is expanding
d) that the universe is contracting

You weigh 240 pounds on Earth. The moon's gravitational attraction is 1/6 that of Earth.
a) You would weigh 240 pounds on the moon
b) You would weigh 480 pounds on the moon
c) You would weigh 1440 pounds on the moon
d) You would weigh 40 pounds on the moon

Stars with the highest surface temperature would be
a) blue
b) red
c) green
d) yellow

The difference in the brightness of two stars with the same surface temperature is
a) related to their ages
b) related to their sizes
c) related to their colors
d) related to how they formed

The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram shows the relationship between
a) parallax and temperature
b) absolute magnitude and apparent magnitude
c) temperature and absolute magnitude
d) apparent magnitude and parallax

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