Family And Consumer Management Question Preview (ID: 51494)

The Family And The Community.

A family with both parent and their child or children describes
a) Nuclear family
b) Single-parent family
c) Extended family
d) Sibling family

A serious disagreement between two parties:
a) Conflict resolution
b) Conflict
c) Reproduction
d) Family

Which description below describes the sibling family
a) A family with father, mother and their child or children
b) A family with one parent and their child or children
c) A large family with aunt uncle and cousin
d) A family consisting of brothers and sisters, the eldest takes on the responsibility as parent.

Concubinage is a relationship in which the couple are not or cannot marry
a) True
b) False

A legal joining of two people, male and female otherwise called a union:
a) Socialization
b) Family
c) Marriage
d) Concubinage

A large family consisting of a nuclear family, with the addition of Aunt, uncle and cousin describes:
a) Extended family
b) Single-parent family
c) Nuclear family
d) Sibling family

A family consisting of mother or father and their child or children living together describes:
a) Nuclear family
b) Extended family
c) Sibling family
d) Single-parent family

The basic unit of society sharing similar goals a d responsiblilities defines:
a) Conflict
b) Family
c) Sibling
d) Procreation

Sister and brother having one or both parents in common defines:
a) Concubinage
b) Socialization
c) Sibling
d) Reproduction

Which one below is not a fathers role:
a) Doing chores
b) Establishing goals
c) Providing discipline
d) Breadwinner

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