Grade 7 English Galileo’s Experiment Question Preview (ID: 51462)

This Game Aims To Review Students' Knowledge About A Famous Scientists And His Interests In Sciences.

Galileo’s father was a famous ___________.
a) musician
b) lawyer
c) teacher
d) None of the choices

Galileo wanted to become a -----------------------.
a) lawyer
b) doctor
c) interpreter
d) None of the choices

One of his first scientific observations was about __________.
a) pendulums
b) cars
c) musical instruments
d) None of the choices

The teacher wants to see a great ____________________ in my grades this month.
a) improvement
b) improve
c) improving
d) All choices

The one who teaches is a _______________.
a) teacher
b) inventor
c) player
d) reader

My baseball card _____________ is very extensive.
a) collective
b) collect
c) collection
d) None of the choices

That food was ----------------------- to my health.
a) fruitful
b) helpful
c) harmful
d) All choices

That player was ------------------------ under pressure.
a) fearless
b) helplessly
c) help
d) usefulness

The director wanted his actors to have a good _______ .
a) performance
b) perform
c) perrforming
d) None of the choices

I was ---------------------- to make the change.
a) powerful
b) powerless
c) fearless
d) None of the choices

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