Grade 4 English 3Rs For Earth Question Preview (ID: 51458)

This Game Aims At Reviewing Students' Abilities To Differentiate In Meaning Between The 3Rs For Earth.

3Rs means ________, __________,and ____________ .
a) ring, right, and rinse
b) run, rain, and ruin
c) reduce, reuse, and recycle
d) read, rule, and retell

People should throw their _______________ in the containers.
a) wastes
b) weights
c) needs
d) ways

The word reduce means _______________ .
a) make less
b) make more
c) make again
d) make up

To use again is to _______________ .
a) rewrite
b) recycle
c) reuse
d) reduce

A place where garbage is left is called a _______________.
a) damp
b) dump
c) drum
d) deep

To recycle items means _______________ .
a) to make items less
b) to use items again
c) to process items to make new ones
d) to throw items in containers

Plastic bags can be _____________ .
a) reused
b) reduced
c) reused and reduced
d) repaid

We can _____________ broken glass.
a) reduce
b) reuse
c) recycle
d) replay

Smoke of cars causes _________________ .
a) air pollution
b) water pollution
c) sea pollution
d) sound pollution

If you throw garbage in the sea, you cause ________________ .
a) air pollution
b) water pollution
c) soil pollutiona
d) sound pollution

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