Three Billy Goats Buenos Question Preview (ID: 51423)

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Which of these means little goat in Spanish?
a) gigante
b) diente
c) cabrito

What did the troll live under?
a) puente
b) cabrito
c) prado

Which part of the troll was scritch-scratchy?
a) cara
b) dientes
c) voz

How many goats had crossed the bridge by the end of the story?
a) uno
b) dos
c) tres

What word did the first goat use to describe his brother to the troll?
a) delicioso
b) gigante
c) inteligente

According to the second goat, what would make his body taste bitter to the troll?
a) horns
b) spots
c) hooves

What was stuck in the troll's foot that made her grumpy?
a) diente
b) cabrito
c) espina

What gift did the goats give to the troll?
a) espinas
b) manzanas
c) dientes

What did the goats put on the troll's foot to make it feel better?
a) puentes
b) espinas
c) hierbas

At the end of the story what did the troll say that she and the goats had all become?
a) amigos
b) cabritos
c) gigantes

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