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Plant Test.

Mrs. Anna has to plant her prettiest flowers every Spring. What type of flower are they?
a) perrenial plant
b) annual plant
c) layering plant
d) fertilizing plant

The small holes on the underside of a leaf that allow light in are called...
a) pinna
b) carotenoids
c) stamen
d) stomata

The female reproductive part of the plant is called a ...
a) stamen
b) carpel
c) tannic acid
d) abscission layer

The layer of cells near the petiole that shut down when fall arrives is called the...
a) incission layer
b) deciduous layer
c) abscission layer
d) guard cells

The Senn family enjoyed an evening sipping tea, thanks to what chemical?
a) tannic acid
b) carpel acid
c) carotenoids
d) monocotic acid

The vascular tissue that carries nutrients throughout a plant is called the...
a) xylem
b) phloem
c) monocots
d) dicots

The seed leaf, the 1st part of the plant is called the
a) pillar
b) guard cells
c) stamen
d) cotelydon

The vascular tissue that carries water throughout a plant is called the
a) Phloem
b) vacuole
c) Xylem
d) leafette

To what two pigments can we thank for the beautiful Autumn color of leaves?
a) magenta and turquois
b) carotenoids and anthocyanins
c) red dye #8, yellow chrome 7
d) fallowic acid, cyanide

What process is unique to Kingdom Plantae?
a) They attend double dehydration
b) They go through double fertilization
c) They are called double hydrogenation
d) They are close to extermination

The cells on each side of the stomata, that open and close the stomata are called ...
a) stomatic cells
b) abscission cells
c) patron cells
d) guard cells

The Hallmark family enjoyed a meal of Corn on the Cob...a reproductive part of a corn plant. What did they eat?
a) vegetable
b) fruit
c) grain
d) stem

The male reproductive part of the plant is called the...
a) stamen
b) carpel
c) stigmata
d) dicot

parallel, pinnate, and palmate are types of what plant feature?
a) root development
b) stem venation
c) leaf venation
d) fruit production

Mrs. Anna plants a flowering plant in her garden that has parallel venation, 3 petals, and a fibrous root system. What has she planted?
a) monocot
b) dicot
c) tricot
d) quadracot

Select the classification of a human being in the correct order (Kingdom, Phylum...).
a) Animalia, Fungi, Primates, Hominidae, Homo, sapiens
b) Animalia, Arthropoda, Homini, Crustaceon, Homo, sapiens
c) Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primates, Hominidae, Homo, sapiens
d) Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Aves, Haplorhini, Homo, sapiens

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