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How do you know if a coping skill is not effective for you?
a) You have to use it non-stop
b) It interferes with what you have to do
c) it interferes with what you have to do and you have to use it constantly
d) It is not enjoyable

What is the difference between playing and using a coping skill?
a) There is no difference, it is about enjoying yourself
b) Playing is for enjoyment, coping skills are something you hate using
c) Coping skills are used specifically to keep yourself calm and are only used for a brief time
d) you want to play but you have to use coping skills

Which emotion do people often experience when something they are looking forward to does not happen?
a) Disappointment
b) Relief
c) embarrassed
d) Happy

What emotion do people often describe as causing shaking, tense muscles, fast and heavy breathing, and the desire to hide?
a) Frustrated
b) Afraid
c) Jealous
d) Angry

When is the best time to use a coping skill?
a) When you are already escalated
b) When you just start to feel yourself getting triggered
c) Right before you explode
d) After you explode

Which coping skill would be appropriate to use in the classroom?
a) Exercising
b) listening to music
c) deep breathing
d) telling jokes

What emotion do people frequently describe as giving them knots in their stomachs, quick and shallow breathing, and shaky body?
a) Angry
b) Excited
c) Nervous
d) Jealous

Which of the following are coping skills?
a) Take 5 deep breaths
b) Exercise
c) Tense and relax your muscles
d) all of them

What emotion frequently is shown with a red face, tense muscles, and clenched fists?
a) Anger
b) Fear
c) Excited
d) Embarrassed

What emotion frequently is described as feeling frozen, having a hot face, and feeling tense?
a) Embarrassed
b) Angry
c) Sad
d) Happy

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