Grade 5 English Kids Are Heroes Question Preview (ID: 51326)

This Game Aims To Review Students' Knowledge About The Experience Of Mary Who Co-founded An Organization To Help People. Plus, This Game Reviews Their Knowledge About Subjects, Predicates, Adverbs And Adjectives.[print questions]

Mary Margaret is the co-founder of an organization ‘Kids Are Heroes’. The word ‘organization’ has a ______________
a) suffix
b) prefix
c) suffix and prefix
d) None of the choices

Running an organization means ____________
a) Managing and operating it
b) Doing exercise in it
c) Competing with other organization
d) Founding and establishing it

: Kids can easily become heroes featured on their website. ‘Easily’ is ____________
a) an adjective
b) a verb
c) an adverb
d) a noun

“Raising funds” means _____________
a) collecting money for helping others
b) gathering donations for a helping cause
c) accumulating charities to benefit needy people
d) All choices

In a nursing home, you find ______________
a) elderly people
b) chronically sick people
c) people who can’t take care of themselves
d) All choices

People’s attitude towards ‘Kids Are Heroes’ was
a) grateful
b) careless
c) negative
d) None of the choices

A kid hero educates people about the bad effects of polluting rivers. The simple predicate of this sentence is _____________
a) A kid hero
b) hero
c) educates
d) None of the choices

A kid hero educates people about the bad effects of polluting rivers. ‘A Kid Hero’ is _____________
a) Simple predicate
b) Simple subject
c) Complete subject
d) Compound subject

‘Wags for Hope’ is an organization founded by _______________
a) Mary’s parents
b) Mary Margaret O’neill
c) Mary’s father
d) Kid heroes

Mary’s father motivated her daughter to help _____________
a) animals
b) people
c) animals and people too
d) None of the choices

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