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Beginning Of WWII.[print questions]

What problems existed between the US and Japan?
a) Japan was conquering and being brutal to its neighbors.
b) The US owned the Philippines, located near Japan.
c) The US refused to trade oil by freezing Japanese Bank Accounts in America.
d) All answers are correct.

This ship had a Japanese bomb pierce the deck and explode in the munitions below deck. It is the large black funnel cloud seen in any Pearl Harbor video.
a) USS Oklahoma
b) USS West Virginia
c) USS Hawaii
d) USS Arizona

Nazi was a shortened form of
a) National Communist German Workers' Party
b) Nationalist
c) Socialist
d) National Socialist German Workers' Party

In which state would I find Pearl Harbor?
a) Alaska
b) California
c) Hawaii
d) Oregon

Which place was not invaded by Japan?
a) Korea
b) Russia
c) China
d) Mancuria

Which was not a dictator during WWII?
a) Hitler
b) Stalin
c) Mussolini
d) Chamberlain

Annexation means to
a) a type of tax
b) give land away
c) take control of land
d) a tariff

This area belonged to Czechoslovakia was annexed by Hitler
a) Polish Corridor
b) Sudetenland
c) Austria
d) China

What was the main target of the Japanese in attacking Pearl Harbor?
a) Battleships
b) Aircraft Carriers
c) Submarines
d) Helicopters

Where was Hitler born?
a) Austria
b) Germany
c) Georgia
d) Italy

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