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A species of rabbit is typically born with grayish-black fur. A fur color mutation causes some rabbits to be born with white fur. This mutation could be beneficial to rabbits living in the:
a) tropical rain forest
b) desert
c) arctic environment
d) arctic environment

Mutations in body cells are ___________________
a) quickly repaired
b) inherited
c) always able to be seen
d) not inherited

With much effort and trial and error, scientists and engineers have designed techniques to create more ________________ mutations in plant seeds and to identify and breed those plants
a) beneficial
b) harmful
c) harmful
d) large

All of the ________________ you see in an organism's traits came originally from mutations.
a) mutations
b) variations
c) parent's traits
d) dominant traits

At the dentist you get an X-ray of your teeth, a special shield is placed over your chest. This shield helps to protect some of your cells from the X-rays, which are mutagens. When an X-ray causes a mutation, what is the most common effect?
a) a change in the cells' DNA, but no change in the person’s traits
b) a change in the shape of the cells’ proteins, but no change in the person’s traits
c) a change in the cells’ DNA and a change in the person’s traits
d) a change in the shape of the cells’ proteins and a change in the person’s traits

Mutations that occur in ________ ________ can be inherited, but the parent with the mutation is not affected.
a) body cells
b) body cells
c) parents cells
d) sex cells

Mutations that persist and are not corrected, result in formation of new ________________.
a) DNA
b) Alleles
c) Genes
d) Cells

Katydids are large insects that look like grasshoppers. Most katydids are green, but roughly 1 in 500 katydids are pink, which makes the pink katydids easy to be seen and captured by birds. Why some katydids are pink?
a) They got too much sun; it is actually sunburn.
b) They inherit a mutation that is considered to be neutral.
c) They inherit a harmful mutation from their parents.
d) They inherit a beneficial gene that causes their cell to make a pink protein.

Mutations commonly occur when DNA is copied or when a cell is exposed to _________.
a) mutagens
b) certain chemicals
c) radiation
d) all of the choices listed here

Genes provide instructions for the body to build ___________, that build traits such as eye color.
a) Proteins
b) Chromosomes
c) DNA
d) Mutations

Albinism in crocodiles is a mutation that causes a loss of color in the skin of the animal, making them appear white. Which of the following would most likely occur as a result of this mutation?
a) Albino crocodiles will catch food faster than other crocodiles because they are more visible
b) Albino crocodiles may be easily hunted and may have difficulty catching food as they cannot blend in with their environment
c) Albino crocodiles will live longer than other crocodiles in the population due to the mutation.
d) Albino crocodiles can reproduce faster than other crocodiles due to their mutation being attractive to the opposite sex

Genes direct the body how to build proteins
a) true
b) false

Which of the following is an example of a mutation that can impact humans in a negative way?
a) 5 fingers and a thumb
b) red hair
c) brown eyes
d) colorblindness

All mutations are harmful to an organism.
a) true
b) false

Which of the following best describes a mutation?
a) A change in a gene
b) Anything that can deletes a gene
c) A section of a chromosome that codes for a particular trait
d) A distinguishing quality that can be passed from one generation to another

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