2.2 L16 Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble Question Preview (ID: 51289)


He was _____ fast.
a) run
b) running
c) runing
d) runs

We _____ our hands.
a) clapped
b) claped
c) claps
d) clapping

The car _____ at the light.
a) stoped
b) stop
c) stopped
d) stopping

He was _____ on one foot.
a) hope
b) hoping
c) hopeing
d) hopping

My brother _____ the ball to me.
a) batted
b) bated
c) bat
d) batting

Our class is _____ cookies to raise money.
a) sell
b) sells
c) selling
d) selled

I _____ a flower on my dress.
a) pins
b) pinning
c) pined
d) pinned

She is _____ the pie.
a) cuts
b) cutted
c) cutting
d) cuting

He is _____ up straight.
a) sitting
b) sits
c) sited
d) siting

I _____ soap on it.
a) rubs
b) rubbed
c) rubbing
d) rubed

We _____ the bus.
a) misses
b) missing
c) missed
d) mised

I _____ the sled and took off.
a) grabs
b) grabbing
c) grabed
d) grabbed

I'm _____ you this for the last time.
a) telling
b) tell
c) telled
d) tells

She _____ her hands in the water.
a) dip
b) dipped
c) dipping
d) diped

We decided to go _____ in the lake.
a) swim
b) swimed
c) swimming
d) swiming

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