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What computer program is made upof rows and columns that form cells?
a) Spreadsheet
b) Database
c) Presentation
d) Word Processing

The column letter and row number make up what?
a) Cell address
b) Tool Palette
c) Formula Bar
d) Cell content

In a spreadsheet, the ___ cell has black lines outlining the cell.
a) Active
b) Special
c) Last
d) First

When keying a formula in a spreadsheet, what must you key to inform the program that you are entering a formula instead of entering text?
a) Equal sign
b) Subtraction sign
c) Division sign
d) Addition sign

When using a formula, what is the symbol for multiplication on most computers?
a) *
b) x
c) &
d) /

What is the name of the function that would be used to add a column or row of numbers?
a) SUM
b) MAX
c) MIN

What function would return the same answer as the formula =B2+B3+B4+B5+B6+B7?
a) =SUM(B2:B7)
b) =SUM(B2+B7)
c) =SUM(B2/b7)
d) =SUM(B2*B7)

What is a statement that performs a calculation in a spreadsheet?
a) Formula
b) Cell
c) Label
d) Value

An advantage of a spreadsheet is the speed of accomplishing what?
a) Calculating numbers
b) searching and retrieving
c) grammar checking
d) newsletter creating

What type of software would you use to create a graph?
a) Spreadsheet Software
b) Email Software
c) Browser Software
d) Operating System Software

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