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Combining text, graphics, animation, video, and audio is called ___.
a) Multimedia
b) Spreadsheet
c) Word processing
d) Database

The ___ slide is generally the first slide in a presentation.
a) title
b) picture
c) chart
d) bullet

What should be to the point and easy to follow in a presentation?
a) information
b) design
c) template
d) attributes

How should someone dress when giving a presentation?
a) Professionally
b) Casual
c) Prissy
d) Sloppy

The use of the same design template and font is an example of which design factor?
a) Be consistent in all your slides
b) Don't clutter the slide
c) Keep it simple
d) Use words or phrases

What provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation?
a) Design template
b) Design layout
c) Multimedia handouts
d) Multimedia effects

A ___ is a special effect used to introduce a slide during a slide show.
a) Transition
b) Animation
c) Movement
d) Sound

What is a good rule for making a slide show's color palette?
a) use the same colors for all slides
b) make a new color palette for each slide
c) don't use colors found together in nature
d) add a new color for each new idea

Which design would make it harder for people to understand your ideas in a presentation?
a) A different animation for each slide
b) a large label at the top of eahc slide
c) a new picture on each slide
d) a dark font on a light background

How should you design a slide if you want to show it on a big screen to a lot of people?
a) Large text and a picture
b) Large text and a lot of pictures
c) Small text and a picture
d) Small text and a lot of pictures

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