Reflection Of Light 8 Question Preview (ID: 51255)

Reflection Of Light / Physics Grade 8.

The angle between the incident ray and the mirror is 30 degree then the angle of incidence in degrees is:
a) 45
b) 30
c) 60
d) 90

The intersection of the prolongation of two reflected rays gives :
a) the source of light
b) the object
c) the image of the source
d) none of the previous

According to the law of reflection , the angle of incidence is :
a) equal to the angle of reflection
b) greater than the angle of reflection
c) less than the angle of reflection
d) none of the choices

The angle of reflection is the angle between :
a) the normal and the incident ray
b) the reflected ray and the incident ray
c) the normal and the reflected ray
d) the reflected ray and the surface of incidence

Any reflected ray seems as coming out from :
a) the image of the object
b) the object
c) the normal to the surface
d) the mirror

We can see the object when the ray of light is :
a) reflected by the object
b) absorbed by the object
c) reflected then absorbed
d) reflected then absorbed

The image of the object is formed:
a) in front of the mirror
b) on the surface of the mirror
c) none of the previous
d) behind the mirror

The image of the object formed by mirror is :
a) real
b) virtual
c) both
d) none of the previous

2) If the object is placed at 15cm from the mirror then its image is formed at a distance:
a) greater than 15cm
b) equal to 15cm
c) less than 15cm
d) exactly on the mirror

3) When the ray of light incident normally on a mirror then the angle of reflection (r) in degrees is :
a) r=0
b) r=90o
c) r=45o
d) r=60o

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