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What are Times New Roman and Arial?
a) Fonts
b) Graphics
c) Templates
d) Cursors

When working in a word processing document, what should you always do before you print?
a) Save
b) close all other programs
c) paste
d) insert clipart

Which sentence has a spelling error that spell check would miss?
a) They spent too weeks cammping.
b) That wuz their idea.
c) Go git the chalk from the boards.
d) It's time to start wryting.

What allows text to be printed below the bottom margin?
a) Footer
b) Header
c) margin
d) Bold

Copy and ___ allows text to remain in the old position and be duplicated to a new position.
a) Paste
b) Cut
c) Copy
d) Move

Which formatting technique would you use to make text that in inputted into a document stand out by making it appear heavier and darker?
a) Bold
b) Italics
c) Typeface
d) Font size

If a highlighted section of a document is accidentally deleted by pressing an inappropriate key, which of the following menu items would return the data if selected immediately aft
a) Undo
b) Insert
c) Home
d) Pause

Printing a page wider than tall would be called what?
a) Landscape
b) Portrait
c) Picture
d) Window

What key is used to indent text within a document?
a) Tab
b) Alt
c) Shift
d) Space Bar

Why is it better to bold or italicize only some text in a document instead of the entire document?
a) Limiting use of special formatting helps important text stand out
b) bold and italics should be used for titles and headings
c) these marks make the font bigger, which increases document size and wast paper
d) it is difficult to undo large amounts of bolding or italics

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