Grouping Of Lamps And Of Cells 7 Question Preview (ID: 51226)

Electricity Occurs When There Is A Flow Of Electric Charge. Some Examples Of Electricity Are Lightning And Static Electricity. Take This Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Electricity And How It Works!

In our homes the connection of electric appliances is in:
a) Series
b) Any way
c) Parallel
d) None of the above choices

The law of electric voltage in series grouping is the:
a) Law of addition
b) Law of uniqueness
c) Newton's second law
d) None of the choices

If one lamp in parallel circuit burn out:
a) The other lamps glow normally
b) The other lamps stop glowing
c) The circuit damaged
d) None of the choices

The Voltage is measured by:
a) Voltmeter
b) Ammeter
c) None of the choices
d) Ohmmeter

The SI Unit of voltage is :
a) Volt
b) Ampere
c) Watt
d) Kilogram

If the voltage across a lamp is 6V then the voltage across the second lamp connected in parallel with the first is:
a) 12v
b) 0V
c) 6A
d) 6V

To measure the current across an electric component Ammeter must be connected in:
a) Parallel to an electric component
b) Series to an electric component
c) Series or Parallel to an electric component
d) None of the choices

All lamps have the same voltage in a circuit of 3 lamps connected in:
a) Series
b) Parallel
c) Series and Parallel
d) all choices

The law of addition of voltage is applicable in:
a) Simple circuit
b) Series connection
c) Parallel connection
d) All the above choices

In parallel circuit
a) There is more than one path for the current to follow
b) There is one path for the current to follow
c) There is no flow of current
d) None of the above choices

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