Grade 4 Science Different Shapes Of Magnet Magnets Can Attract Some Objects Question Preview (ID: 51220)

Magnets Can Attract Some Objects.

The Shape of this magnet U
a) Bar magnet
b) cylindrical magnet ubstance.
c) u-shaped magnet
d) magnetic needle

Magnet attracts:
a) Plastic
b) Glass
c) Iron nickel
d) None of the choices

Magnet attracts iron from a
a) Large distance
b) Short distance
c) both
d) none

the magnet inside the earth is
a) natural
b) artificial
c) both
d) none

Magnet has a force, we can not see it ,but we can
a) Feel it
b) Smell it
c) Taste it
d) all

Magnet can not attract
a) iron
b) nickel
c) plastic
d) All choices

Magnet attracts:
a) 250 LL. Coin
b) 1000 LL. paper
c) 500 LL. Coin
d) All

Do magnets attract iron through different obstacles?
a) Yes
b) No
c) It depends on obstacles thickness
d) None

Magnets were found inside the earth in the form of:
a) Soil
b) Water
c) Liquid
d) Rocks

Magnets have:
a) Three shapes
b) One shape
c) Two shapes
d) Different shapes

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