Grade 5 English Mary’s Anning’s “Curiosities” Question Preview (ID: 51202)

This Game Aims To Review Students' Knowledge About The Experience Of A Local Girl Who Collects Stones And Sells Them To Help Her Family.

Mary searched for her curiosities ____________
a) In the gardens
b) In the caves
c) On the cliffs
d) All choices

Selling curiosities was
a) Helpful to Mary’s family
b) Out of fun and pleasure
c) A hobby in free time
d) None of the choices

: Tourists who come in summer to Lyme Regis ____________ Mary’s curiosities
a) liked
b) admired
c) bought
d) All choices

The children’s attitude towards Mary was
a) Positive and encouraging
b) Negative and demotivating
c) Helpful
d) None of the choices

Mary’s father offered her a gift. It was ______________
a) A necklace
b) A snakestone
c) New clothes
d) None of the choices

“Cliffs” means _____________
a) Steep rock face
b) Mainly found at the edge of the sea
c) High area of rock with a very steep side
d) All choices

For living, Mary’s father worked in
a) Welding metals
b) Painting walls
c) Making furniture
d) Selling foods

Mary Anning is a local girl who was born in ____________
a) Lyme Regis in England
b) Bristol in England
c) Cambridge in England
d) None of the choices

: Lyme Regis weekly is a ______________
a) TV channel
b) Newspaper
c) Radio channel
d) None of the choices

Mary’s father taught her how to ________________
a) Polish the snakestone
b) Make it shiny
c) Beautify it
d) All choices

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