Electricity Safety Question Preview (ID: 51200)

Its The Second Review Using Games.

Do not touch the electrical wires, devices or electrical sockets with ... hands. You can get an electric shock.
a) wet
b) dry
c) soft
d) hard

Hazard and high voltage refer to a danger caused by a ... electric current.
a) large
b) small
c) tiny
d) little

Do not poke your ... or anything other than an electric plug into an electric socket. You may get an electric shock.
a) finger
b) head
c) hair
d) nose

We can get an electric ... and die if a large electric current flows through our bodies.
a) current
b) circuit
c) short
d) shock

You should not use appliances with damaged .... Replace the appliance with a new one.
a) cords
b) paper
c) wood
d) aluminium

Why must we be safe around electricity because electricity can be .... It can cause fires and electric shock so we must use it safely.
a) safe
b) fun
c) dangerous.
d) useful

Stacked or overloaded socket can cause ....
a) water
b) fires
c) wind
d) sound

Damaged power cords can cause an electric ... when you touch it.
a) current
b) circuit
c) power
d) shock

... can cause trees to fall during an electrical storm and meke the electricity at your house goes off.
a) Lightening
b) Sound
c) Sun
d) Cloud

Name an electrical situations that could be dangerous in the bathroom.
a) Flying a kite and it gets caught in overhead powerlines.
b) Spilling a drink on a computer.
c) A metal ladder leans on a powerline.
d) Electrical appliances near water in the sink

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