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According to information received from radio teslescopes, where is our sun positioned in the Milky Way?
a) at the center
b) just outside the galactic center
c) at the end of one of the spirals
d) within one of the spirals

All of the following are true if the Milky Way, except that it
a) is a spiral galaxy.
b) is 100,000 light years across.
c) is an elliptical galaxy.
d) has a center bulge and arms.

Scientists know that the universe is expanding because of
a) red shift of distant galaxies.
b) red shift of the brightest galaxies.
c) blue shift of distant galaxies.
d) blue shift of the brightest galaxies.

Stars like the Sun will end their life cycle as
a) supernova
b) black hole
c) nebula
d) white dwarf

How does a blue star differ from a yellow star?
a) It is brighter.
b) It is hotter.
c) It has a shorter life.
d) all of the above

Astronomers have discovered vast differences in stars through their observations. One theory used to explain these differences is that
a) the distances between stars are vast.
b) stars are at different points in their life cycles.
c) Earth's atmosphere distorts our view of the star.
d) there is too much light pollution on Earth to study stars.

The statement that the mass of the universe comes entirely from the billions of galaxies which are made of billions of stars is
a) true
b) false
c) maybe
d) neither a nor b

Which of the following kinds of stars will have average brightness and temperature?
a) supergiants
b) giants
c) white dwarfs
d) main sequence

How do elements with atomic numbers greater than that of lithium form?
a) nuclear fusion
b) nuclear fission
c) radioactive decay
d) meteor impact

What holds planets, stars, gas and dust together in a galaxy?
a) inertia
b) forces
c) gravity
d) friction

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