Grade 3 Lesson 5 - It's Said That Question Preview (ID: 51199)

Grade 3 Lesson 5.

It is said that Kimberley is really good at ________.
a) dancing
b) cooking
c) singing
d) swimming

It is said that Heechul and Momo are ________.
a) dating
b) getting married
c) breaking up
d) starring in a drama

It is said that corona virus can live on metal surfaces for __ hours.
a) 24
b) 48
c) 72
d) 96

It is said that your ___________ grow faster in the cold.
a) fingernails
b) hair
c) eyebrows
d) teeth

It is said that ____ can not walk down stairs.
a) horses
b) sheep
c) cows
d) pigs

It is said that __________ will play Suho in the True Beauty (여신강림) drama.
a) Jungkook
b) Lee Jong Suk
c) Park Seo Joon
d) Ch Eun Woo

It is said that ___ is richer than G Dragon.
a) PSY
b) Rain
c) IU
d) J-Hope

It is said that _____ ____ stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor.
a) Mulan
b) Robin Hood
c) Moon Jae In
d) Sherlock Holmes

It is said that ________ ______ is a smart detective.
a) Robin Hood
b) Thor
c) Robert Downey Jr.
d) Sherlock Holmes

It is said that ______ saved China.
a) Kimberley
b) Mulan
c) Thor
d) Iron Man

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