185. What Is Water Pollution? Question Preview (ID: 51196)


The substances mankind has thrown away have polluted the lakes, rivers, and even ____________.
a) ponds
b) oceans
c) streams
d) animals

An estimated 10%, or 100 million people on earth do not have access to clean_________________________.
a) food supply
b) medical help
c) drinking water
d) homes

The main problem with drinking untreated water is that it can carry _______________ that makes people very sick.
a) chemicals
b) fertilizer
c) bacteria
d) feces

Rivers and streams can be_______________ by poorly managed dumping sites around them.
a) polluted
b) destroyed
c) contaminated
d) restored

Chemical fertilizers are much more dangerous to the water supply than ____________ fertilizers, like manure.
a) inorganic
b) organic
c) chemical

Chemical fertilizers run into lakes and streams causing eutrophication, an overgrowth of ____________.
a) fish
b) plant life
c) oxygen
d) algae

If heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, end up in our lakes many animals will die.
a) True
b) False

Radioactive waste, both stored above ground and underground , can be dangerous if there are leaks. This leak would contaminate both animals and humans.
a) True
b) False

Huge amounts of plastic dumped into the oceans by ships have made it dangerous for birds and oher ____________animals.
a) native
b) swimming
c) marine
d) hibernating

Heat can also act as a pollutant to the rivers and oceans because it changes the ________________of the water.
a) ecosystem
b) algae count
c) pollutants
d) habitat

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