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The force that works against motion is
a) Gravity
b) Speed
c) Friction
d) Magnetism

A push or pull is a --
a) Force
b) object
c) football
d) organism

A force can do all of the following EXCEPT--
a) make an object move
b) cause an object to change form
c) cause an object to slow down
d) change the direction of a moving object

What must be applied to an object in order to move it?
a) a force
b) a throw
c) many different sounds
d) a beam of light

Which of the following is NOT a type of force?
a) gravity
b) sunlight
c) friction
d) magnetism

The force that causes objects to be pulled toward the Earth is known as--
a) Gravity
b) Wind
c) Friction
d) Magnetism

The force that attracts iron is --
a) gravitational pull
b) solar wind
c) magnetic force
d) friction

According to the concept of inertia, an object will continue to move until--
a) it changes form
b) it changes shape
c) a force acts upon it
d) it produces energy

An object will move more easily across a smooth surface, such as glass, than a rough surface. This is because the smooth surface has less--
a) magnetic force
b) inertia
c) friction
d) gravity

Nathan threw a ball straight up into the air. Eventually, the ball fell back to Earth. What caused the ball to fall back to Earth?
a) The force of wind
b) inertia
c) a magnetic force
d) the force of gravity

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