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Our solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago when
a) a large planet broke into many pieces.
b) a cloud of interstellar dust and gas began to condense
c) stars collided with one another.
d) Jupiter formed the largest planet.

One characteristic all outer planets are similar is
a) solid surface.
b) evidence of volcanic activity.
c) mass is less.
d) presence of gas and ice.

What evidence proved that the solar system is approximately 4.6 billion years old?
a) minerals found on the surface of Earth
b) age of rocks from Earth and moon were determined
c) atmosphere of planets
d) surface of other planets

The solar system formed from
a) gravity
b) cloud of gas and dust
c) stars explosion
d) a huge planet that broken into small pieces

How was early Earth different from Earth today?
a) The Sun was dimmer.
b) It was foggier.
c) There were more volcanic eruptions.
d) It rained more.

The Sun is powered by
a) fusion of helium to form hydrogen.
b) fission of hydrogen to form helium.
c) fusion of hydrogen to form helium.
d) fission of helium to form hydrogen.

Which evidence is often used to suggest that some mass extinction of life on Earth were caused by asteroid impacts?
a) High amounts of heavy elements in rocks
b) unusually high amounts of iridium found in clay layers
c) consistent volcanic eruptions
d) climate change

Early telescopes showed stars as only points of light, while the planets appeared to be much larger, providing evidence that stars must
a) be more plentiful in our solar system than planets.
b) travel in elliptical orbits like planets.
c) be much farther from Earth than planets.
d) reflect much more light than planets.

Most of the craters left by asteroid impacts on Earth have disappeared because of
a) human activity.
b) erosion.
c) plate tectonics.
d) Earth's gravity

Which planet was formed from light gases of the outer solar nebula?
a) Mars
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Jupiter

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