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Who determined that Earth is round because it cast a shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse?
a) Plato
b) Erastosthenes
c) Aristotle
d) Galileo

The first person to actually calculate the circumference of the Earth was
a) Erastosthenes
b) Aristotle
c) Newton
d) Galileo

The ancient Greek model of the universe in which the Earth and other planets orbit the sun is best described as the
a) Geocentric Model
b) Galilean System
c) Heliocentric Model
d) Ptolemaic System

The Greek model of the universe in which the moon, sun and known planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) orbit Earth is the
a) Geocentric Model
b) Galilean System
c) Ptolemaic System
d) Heliocentric Model

Over a period of time, viewing Mars from Earth, Mars appears to move eastward among the stars. Then, periodically it appears to stop and reverse direction. This apparent motion is called
a) a wandering planet.
b) retrograde motion.
c) geocentric motion.
d) gravitational attraction.

Which model had the planets moving in circular orbits around a motionless Earth?
a) the Geocentric Model
b) the Galilean System
c) the Ptolemaic System
d) the Heliocentric Model

Nicholas Copernicus proposed a model of the solar system with
a) the moon at the center.
b) the sun at the center.
c) the Mars at the center.
d) the Earth at the center.

One of the three laws of planetary motion that Johannes Kepler discovered is best described as
a) planets revolve around the sun at the same speed.
b) the orbits of the planets are elliptical.
c) the inner plantes revolve around the sun at a slower speed than the outer planets
d) there is no relationship between a planet's orbital period and its distance to the sun

Who discovered (1)4 moons orbiting Jupiter (2)Venus has phases like our moon (3)sun has sunspots
a) Tycho Brahe
b) Johannes Kepler
c) Galileo Galilei
d) Sir Isaac Newton

Who formulated and tested the law of universal gravitation which states (1)gravitational force decreases with distance (2)greater the mass of an object, greater its gravitational force
a) Sir Isaac Newton
b) Galileo
c) Aristotle
d) Tycho Brahe

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