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What is the difference between a theory and a hypothesis?
a) A hypothesis is a possible explanation for a problem, and a theory is an explanation that is consistent with all existing tes
b) A hypothesis is an explanation that is consistent with all existing tests, and a theory is a general statement about the natu
c) A hypothesis changes during the experiment, which results in a change of theory.
d) A hypothesis never changes during an experiment, while a theory is often changed as observations produce new data.

If experimental results do not match their predictions, scientists generally will
a) repeat the experiment until the results will match
b) make the measurements more precise
c) revise their working hypothesis
d) change their experimental results

If scientists make an observation that does not agree with an accepted scientific theory, the scientiss should
a) assume that their observations are incorrect
b) conclude that the theory is wrong
c) perform more experiments to determine if the observation is the result of error or if the theory is wrong
d) publish their results so other scientists can test the theory

How can you determine whether the contours on a topographic map show a gradual slope
a) look for a V-shpaed contour lines
b) look for widely spaced contour lines
c) look for short, straight lines inside the loop
d) look for tightly spaced, circular contour lines

On a topographic map, which lines illustrate a a river?
a) lines that bend in a V
b) lines that form a closed loop
c) closed loops that have short straight lines inside
d) bold lines

In an area where a river has cut deep into Earth, there are several layers of very differenr rock exposed. The oldest rock layer is most likely to be the layer that is
a) below other layers
b) the thickest layer
c) the most rich in fossils
d) igneous intrusive rock

The existence of terrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea wil become more scientifically acceptable over time if
a) no one disputes this idea in a scientific forum
b) hypotheses are made related to the idea
c) alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed
d) increasing scientific evidence supports the idea

The hardness of a mineral can be determined by using which of the following tools?
a) a piece of glass
b) a streak plate
c) an ultraviolet light
d) a balance

A statement that consistently and correctly describe a natural phenomenon is a scientific
a) hypothesis
b) theory
c) observation
d) control

During which step of the scientific method do scientists develop a possible explanation for a problem?
a) collect data
b) form a hypothesis
c) testing
d) draw conclusions

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