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Earthworms(annelids) are segmented worms that breathe using...
a) lungs
b) spiracles
c) moist skin
d) nephridia

Annelids circulate blood using a ____________ system...
a) open
b) closed
c) interconnected
d) easy

Insects circulate blood using a _____________ system...
a) open
b) closed
c) interconnected
d) easy

Annelids are _________________, meaning they produce both sperm and eggs...
a) transgender
b) hermaphrodites
c) crazy
d) earthworms

Earthworms and mammals both have...
a) segmented bodies
b) an open circulatory system
c) a closed circulatory system
d) lungs

Which organism eliminates wastes using many pairs of organs called nephridia?
a) annelids
b) fungi
c) humans
d) paramecia

Grasshoppers use ____________ to move oxygen from the spiracle to the body cells.
a) lungs
b) gills
c) tracheal tubes
d) nephridia

What is the name of the insect excretory organ similar to our kidneys?
a) nephridia
b) nephrons
c) kidneys
d) malpighian tubes

While adult frogs breathe using lungs, juvenile tadpoles breathe through their...
a) skin
b) gills
c) lungs
d) diaphragm

Which describes the advantage of complete metamorphosis in frogs?
a) it reduces competition for resources among adults and juveniels
b) it increases competition for resources
c) it stabilizes the niche of the organism
d) is complicates competition

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