Grade 6 English Living In A Smart Home Question Preview (ID: 50814)

This Game Aims To Review Students' Comprehension To An Oral And Written Discourse About Smart Homes.

A smart home is a home _________________.
a) for pets
b) in which things are run by computers
c) for electrical gadgets
d) for electrical appliances

If you are listening to music and the phone rang, what does the computer do?
a) turns the music off.
b) turns the music on.
c) turns the volume down.
d) answers the call.

What does the computer do when you are outside the home in the evening?
a) It locks the doors.
b) It turns the lights on.
c) It turns the lights off.
d) It turns the T.V. on.

The computer turns the light on, because ____________________ .
a) it is dark
b) it is dim
c) robbers will not break into the house
d) It is better for the thieves

What is meant by break into?
a) get in
b) get out
c) destroy
d) build

The computer fills the __________________ with warm water.
a) bowl
b) bucket
c) bathtub
d) watering can

The computer can also turn on, the ___________________ .
a) washing machine
b) car
c) elevator
d) vacuum cleaner

The smart home has _________________ that monitor the elderly people.
a) computers
b) phones
c) sensors
d) remote controls

The word monitor means to ___________________ .
a) talk to
b) take care
c) Keep an eye
d) discover

To get into your smart home, you _______________________ .
a) punch in a passcode.
b) use your keys
c) ring the bell
d) knock the door

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