World War II, Cold War, And Vietnam War Question Preview (ID: 508)

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Why did the United States join the conflict of World War II?
a) The U.S. wanted to help Germany, Poland, and Japan
b) The US wanted to fight back after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
c) The US want felt threatened after GErmany attacked Poland
d) The US wanted control of China, Japan, and Vietnam

What was V-J Day?
a) The day the Soviets made the Allies leave Berlin
b) the day Japan attacked the US
c) The day Japan surrendered
d) the day Jaoan attacked China

What was the result of the Korean War?
a) Neither side won
b) Communist China won the Korean War
c) South Korea won and joined with North Korea
d) North Korea won and joined with the South Korea

How was the US involved in the Vietnam War?
a) The US did not send any troops
b) The US did not send soldiers
c) The US fought to help South Vietnam
d) The US fought to help North Vietnam

Who became the dictator of Germany in 1933?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Franklin D Roosevelt
c) Winston Churchill
d) Adolf Hitler

Who won the Battle of Midway?
a) The allied Powers
b) the Germans
c) The Japanese
d) The Axis Powers

American dropped an atomic bomb on?
a) Italy
b) Hiroshima
c) Belgium
d) Berlin

The Cold War was fought between?
a) The US and Canada
b) The US and West Berlin
c) the Soviet Union and the US
d) Canada and Iceland

What did the Soviet Union build to divide East Berlin and West Berlin?
a) The Berlin Curtain
b) an iron wall
c) The Iron Curtain
d) The Berlin Wall

The United Nations was formed to
a) try to keep peace in the world
b) help the US remove missiles from Cuba
c) help the North Koreans in the Korean War
d) help other nations become communist

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