Grade 5: Science News Question Preview (ID: 50777)

Week 5 Reviews With Students The Three Ways A Plant Or An Animal Becomes A Fossil. This Game Aims To Review Ideas About The Process Of Fossilization.[print questions]

Junior National Geographic is a website where you can read about
a) geography
b) Natural science
c) animals
d) All choices

______________ happens very slowly and takes millions of years.
a) Eruption
b) Fossilization
c) Decomposition
d) All choices

Sap oozes from trees. Sap is like a _________
a) juice
b) fluid
c) liquid
d) All choices

___________ can be embedded in the sap.
a) Small insects
b) leaves
c) Plant seeds
d) All choices

Amber is a __________
a) bead
b) seed
c) fossil
d) mud

When an animal or a plant dies, it usually ____________.
a) disappears
b) melts
c) decays
d) None of the choices

A dead plant or animal is buried in a sediment that becomes ________________.
a) dry
b) soft
c) hard
d) None of the choices

There are _______________ ways a plant or an animal would become a fossil.
a) two
b) three
c) four
d) five

Only ___________________ is left of the original shape of the dead plant or animal.
a) A sap
b) An impression
c) A sediment
d) None of the choices

_______________ are formed by the layers of sedimentary rocks.
a) Fossils
b) Sap
c) Jewelery
d) None of the choices

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