Grade 4: Potatoes From Peru Question Preview (ID: 50773)

This Game Aims To Review Students' Comprehension To A Given Dialogue About Potatoes.[print questions]

The ________________ cultivated potatoes 6000 years ago.
a) European colonists
b) Inca Indians
c) Asian farmers
d) Native Americans

President Jefferson served the first __________________.
a) French fries
b) potato chips
c) boiled potatoes
d) baked potatoes

Spanish invaders brought potatoes to __________________ .
a) Africa
b) America
c) Asia
d) Europe

Potato juice is good for _________________ .
a) sore throat
b) broken bones
c) sun burns
d) aches and pains

Potatoes are rich in vitamin _____________.
a) D
b) A
c) C
d) E

We should not eat ___________ meat.
a) grilled
b) raw
c) cooked
d) fried

If you take cold drinks, you may have a ____________________ .
a) headache
b) Sore throat
c) stomachache
d) toothache

Potassium is important for _____________ health.
a) muscle
b) bones
c) blood
d) teeth

The word potato came from ________________ word.
a) a Spanish
b) a French
c) an Italian
d) an Arabic

Potatoes are also used for _______________ purposes.
a) cosmetical
b) artistic
c) decorative
d) medical

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