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A tympanum represents
a) Lungs
b) Mouth
c) Ear
d) Stomach

Which of these is Chondrichthyes
a) Pristis
b) Angler fish
c) Dolphin
d) Whale

Which of these cannot regulate their body temperature
a) Bats
b) Eagles
c) Humans
d) Parrots

Which of these belong to Cyclostomata
a) Seer fish
b) Petromyzon
c) Shark
d) Sting ray

• These animals have a true vertebral column and internal skeleton, allowing a completely different distribution of muscle attachment points to be used for movement.
a) Arthropoda
b) Cephalochordata
c) Echinodermata
d) Vertebrata

The persistent notochord extends from the tip of the tail to the region beyond the brain.
a) Cephalochordata
b) Urochordata
c) Hemichordata
d) Vertebrata

The tunic is transparent and thin with circular bands of muscles within the walls of the test
a) Sagitta
b) Herdmania
c) Doliolum
d) Oikopleura

Phyla which contain only few organisms
a) Minor Phyla
b) Major Phyla
c) Common Phyla
d) Evolutionary linkage

Notochord is restricted at the caudal end.
a) Cephalochordata
b) Urochordata
c) Vertebrata
d) Chaetognatha

• They are mostly terrestrial animals and their body is covered by dry and cornified skin, epidermal scales or scutes.
a) Reptiles
b) Aves
c) Amphibians
d) Mammals

The hind limbs have scales and are modified for walking, swimming or clasping the tree branches.
a) Class Aves
b) Class Reptiles
c) Class Mammals
d) Class Osteichthyes

They are homoiothermous animals, i.e., they are able to maintain a constant body temperature.
a) Salmon
b) Emu
c) Sagitta
d) Bull frog

Elongated limbless amphibians leading a borrowing life in moist soil.
a) Frog
b) Toad
c) Salamander
d) Ichthyophis

Vocal sacs are absent in
a) Alytes
b) Darwin Frog
c) Bull Frog
d) Rhacophorus

Carapace and plastron form the body covering in which of these animals
a) Salamander
b) Gaur
c) Geochelone
d) Gyps

Includes modern flying birds with well developed flight muscles.
a) Neognathae
b) Paleognathae
c) Archaeornithes
d) Anapsida

_____________ filter-feed on brine shrimp and blue-green algae
a) Flamingos
b) Penguin
c) Emu
d) Kite

Which of these show presence of brood pouch?
a) Macaca
b) Dolphin
c) Platypus
d) Dasyurus

Which of these infra class has placental mammals
a) Metatheria
b) Eutheria
c) Prototheria
d) Theria

Largest living primate and powerful ape
a) Gorilla
b) Gyps
c) Gaur
d) Gibbon

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