LOE Weekly Test Question Preview (ID: 50760)

LOE 69-70.[print questions]

which word is short
a) shurt
b) short
c) shot
d) shortt

which word is way
a) way
b) wai
c) wae
d) waye

Which word is mess
a) miss
b) mess
c) mes
d) messs

Which word is class?
a) class
b) clas
c) Klass

Which word is pull
a) pill
b) pule
c) pull
d) pool

which word is shall
a) shell
b) shall
c) shel
d) shal

which word is egg
a) egg
b) eg
c) agg
d) eggg

which word is buzz
a) buzz
b) buss
c) buz
d) bus

which word is cake
a) cake
b) cak
c) cace
d) caik

which word is bring
a) bring
b) brink
c) brung
d) breng

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