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Answering Questions About Our Cycles In Nature Science Unit.[print questions]

When a living thing undergoes a huge change in shape, this process is called _______________.
a) rotation
b) metamorphosis
c) tadpole
d) evaporation

What does a chick use to crack the egg so it can come out?
a) It uses its egg tooth
b) It uses its legs
c) It uses its feathers
d) The mother hen cracks the egg

When winter comes what do geese do to survive the winter?
a) They hibernate in a cave.
b) They sleep.
c) They migrate south.
d) They fly to McDonalds.

What from the options below is NOT a good pollinator?
a) A honeybee
b) A butterfly
c) A bird
d) A rock

What gas does a tree create that we need to survive?
a) water
b) ice
c) leaves
d) oxygen

If it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
a) True
b) False

Since we are in the season of spring is our earth starting to tilt towards the sun or away from the sun?
a) Towards the sun.
b) Away from the sun.

What causes daytime and nighttime on our planet?
a) The moon causes daytime and nighttime.
b) Earth revolving around the sun causes daytime and nighttime.
c) The rotation or spinning of Earth on its axis causes daytime and nighttime.
d) The oceans cause daytime and nighttime.

What causes the seasons?
a) The tilt of the earth while it revolves around the sun.
b) The earth rotating on its axis.
c) The equater.
d) Summer.

What is a cycle?
a) A sequence of events that repeats itself again and again.
b) Something that has two wheels.
c) Something that is hard.
d) It is a kind of tree.

What's another name for a caterpillar?
a) A worm
b) A larva
c) An oval
d) A butterfly with wings

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