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Jenny conducted a science experiment on the cooling temperature of water. After 5 minutes the temperature was 95 degrees F. After 10 minutes the temperature was 90 degrees F. What is the rate of change?
a) -5 degrees/minute
b) -1 degree/minute
c) -10 degrees/minute
d) -2 degrees/minute

In January of 2000, Daniel was 146 cm tall. In January of 2006, he was 176 cm tall. What was his rate of growth over this period of his life?
a) grew 10 cm/year
b) grew 6 cm/year
c) grew 30 cm/year
d) grew 5 cm/year

At 1:00 PM two inches of rain had fallen and by 5:00 PM four inches of rain had fallen. What is the rate of change between 1 and 5 PM?
a) 4 in. of rain per hour
b) 2 in. of rain per hour
c) 1/2 in. of rain per hour
d) 1.5 in. of rain per hour

Jill is operating a computer to solve math problems. There are a total of 100 problems for her to solve. She worked from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock, after which there were only 40 problems left to solve. What is the average rate of problems solved?
a) 20 problems/hr
b) 50 problems/hr
c) 40 problems/hr
d) 30 problems/hr

Mrs. Brown bought 22 eggs on Monday morning and there were only 1 left on Wednesday evening. What is the average rate of change between Monday and Wednesday?
a) 7 eggs per day
b) 11 eggs per day
c) 22 eggs per day
d) 9 eggs per day

Jack is driving from his house to the airport. At 9:00AM, he is 150 miles from the airport. At 10:30AM, he is 75 miles from the airport. What is Jack’s average driving speed between 9:00AM and 10:30AM?
a) 40 miles per hour
b) 50 miles per hour
c) 60 miles per hour
d) 70 miles per hour

Michael started a savings account with $300. After 4 weeks, he had $350 dollars, and after 9 weeks, he had $400. What is the rate of change of money in his savings account per week?
a) $50/week
b) $10/week
c) $5/week
d) $300/week

A snack bar is having a sale on hamburgers. At 9:00AM, the snack bar has sold 28 hamburgers. At 12:00PM, the snack bar discovers that it has sold 103 hamburgers. What is the average rate of change between 9:00AM and 12:00PM?
a) 75 burgers sold per hour
b) 15 burgers sold per hour
c) 10 burgers sold per hour
d) 25 burgers sold per hour

A scuba diver is 20 feet below the surface of the water 10 seconds after he entered the water and 100 feet below the surface after 50 seconds. What is the scuba divers rate of change?
a) down 0.5 ft/sec
b) down 4 ft/sec
c) down 2 ft/sec
d) down 8 ft/sec

A climber is on a hike. After 2 hours he is at an altitude of 400 feet. After 6 hours, he is at an altitude of 700 feet. What is the average rate of change?
a) 75 ft/hr
b) 60 ft/hr
c) 200 ft/hr
d) 100 ft/hr

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