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which is not a correct match
a) campaign - running for government office
b) finance - spending money
c) reform - change
d) finance - family

changing the way american election work especially in terms of money.
a) Campaign Finance Reform
b) Electoral College
c) Electioneering
d) Spoils System

According to the video, which of the following is the most important in order to get elected?
a) charisma
b) family name
c) connected friend
d) money

Which not a correct match?
a) NRA - interest group that supports gun rights
b) NEA - interest group that supports teachers
c) Restore Our Future - PAC compromised of NRA, NRLC, Donald Trump, and Fox News
d) NBB - interest groupd that supports pop bands and music rights

Generally, these people work for interest groups and convince lawmakers to support interest groups.
a) electorates
b) representatives
c) lobbyists
d) pages

How do lobbyists convince politicians to support interests groups
a) passive persuasion
b) debate
c) legal bribery
d) extortion

money is important in our election process. A major criticism is that candidates often ignore ____________ and support __________________
a) interest groups, people
b) the people, interests groups
c) people, foreign enemies
d) interests groups, foreign adversaries

A group of interest groups or wealthy donors
a) Political Action Committee (PAC)
b) interest group
c) lobbyist
d) philanthropist

The first amendment protects the NRA's freedom of speech (and spending money to push their message is consider speech)
a) True
b) False

What does a politician do for most of their day?
a) write laws
b) debate laws
c) raise money
d) play golf

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