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When the moon is getting bigger it is
a) Waxing
b) Waning
c) Disappearing
d) Dying

When the moon is getting smaller
a) waxing
b) hiding
c) waning
d) living

A stas's life cycle depends on its
a) class
b) mass
c) color
d) life style

All Stars are Born in a
a) in the movies
b) Earth
c) Heaven
d) Nebula

Our Sun is a
a) Red Giant
b) The biggest of all
c) medium, average sized/ main sequence star
d) Dwarf planet

Of all The Electromagnetic Magnetic radiations which one has the highest frequency
a) Xrays
b) Gamma Rays
c) Visible Light
d) Radio waves

What are the 3 types of Galaxies?
a) Spiral, Eliptical and Irregular
b) Milky way, Andromeda and M321
c) Earth, Moon, Sun
d) Iridescent, Spiral and Eclipse

What is the universe?
a) The Earth and planets
b) Stars and Galaxies only
c) is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy
d) the spec on Horton hears a hoo

1 light year =
a) 9.6 trillion km
b) 9.6 miles
c) 9,.6 minutes
d) 9 miles

Light year is a measure of
a) distance not time
b) time not distance
c) light in your eyes
d) just light

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