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The measure of how high a place is above sea level.
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) altitude
d) height

The name for the innermost layer of Earth.
a) mantle
b) crust
c) core
d) manatee

A giant wave caused by an earthquake under the ocean.
a) focus
b) tsunami
c) wave pool
d) epicenter

This is how scientists explain the fact that some landforms that are far apart and separated by oceans appear to be related.
a) earthquakes
b) erosion
c) continental drift
d) magic

The movement of air from the water to the land.
a) windward
b) leeward
c) tsunami
d) sea breeze

The side of a mountain that receives the most rain.
a) windward
b) Squidward
c) leeward
d) left

Which is NOT a characteristic of a volcano?
a) magma flows through it
b) the place where it begins is called the focus
c) has at least one vent
d) can be in the ocean or on land

Which is NOT a characteristic of an earthquake?
a) caused by rocks moving along a fault
b) occurs most often near the edges of tectonic plates
c) the place where it begins is called the focus
d) has at least one vent

Which is NOT a type of volcano?
a) cinder cone
b) shield
c) tsunami
d) composite

This type of scale measures the magnitude of an earthquake.
a) Mercalli Scale
b) Balanced Scale
c) Richter Scale
d) Metric Scale

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