27. Third Parties And Voter Participation Question Preview (ID: 50721)

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In america, we have a two party system.
a) True
b) False

In other nations, they have a plurality system.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following does NOT have a chance at winning a majority of power in america?
a) Republican
b) Democrats
c) 3rd parties

Which is TRUE about 3rd parties?
a) their ideas eventually become a part of the platform of the major parties
b) they regularly defeat democrats
c) they are organized to win the majority of the seats in congress
d) they are most similar to the republican party

Which is not a correct 3rd party match?
a) Green Party = prtoect environment
b) Progressive Party = 8 hour work day
c) Democrat party = Bigger Government
d) Rent is too darn high party = Rent control

Sometimes 3rd parties revolve around a personality
a) True
b) False

3rd parties do not influence elections
a) True
b) False

What famous election may have been influenced by 3rd parties?
a) Bush vs. Gore (2000)
b) McCain vs. Obama (2008)
c) Trump vs. Clinton (2016)
d) Kennedy vs. Nixon (1960)

before a citizens can vote they must __________
a) register
b) pass a test
c) be able to read
d) be 21 years old

which is NOT a requirement to vote
a) Be a US citizen
b) Be a resident of the state that you are voting in
c) Be 18 years old
d) Be fluent in English

Which of the following would NOT result in a large voter turnout?
a) War
b) Prediential eleiction
c) Economic crisis
d) Non-presidential election

lack of interest and failure to register are __________________
a) the reasons why people do not get jobs
b) the reasons why people do not vote
c) the reasons why people do not run for political office
d) the reasons why people watch the news

which of the following is NOT a category of non-voters
a) young people
b) uneducated people
c) low income people
d) veterans

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