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An adaptation is something an animal has to help it get what it needs from its habitat.
a) True
b) False

Snakes and lizards are in the same category, or class, of animals. However; only lizards have_____________.
a) scales
b) ability to blend in to habitat
c) tails
d) legs

___________snakes have legs.
a) no
b) same
c) a few
d) most

Snakes use their _____________to blend into their surroundings.
a) body shape
b) sense of smell
c) hearing
d) coloring

Rattlesnakes inject a venom into their prey that makes it___________.
a) run away and die
b) paralyzed
c) expand
d) tasty

Some snakes are constrictors, they _____________their prey to kill it.
a) bite it
b) drown
c) suffocate

A rattlesnake is a kind of constrictor.
a) True
b) False

Snakes have a special hinged jaw that allows them to open their mouth to swallow prey _____________times larger than themselves.
a) 2 to 3
b) 4 to 5
c) 1 to 2

Some snakes have teeth that are _________________. This helps them hold on to their prey and propel it to the throat.
a) full of venom
b) hollow
c) backwards facing
d) sharp

All snakes have some amount of venom. Not all snakes are poisonous to humans.
a) True
b) False

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