93. Reptiles Question Preview (ID: 50710)

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Reptiles are vertebrates or invertebrates?
a) vertebrates
b) invertebrates

Reptiles are characterized by the way they____________.
a) breathe
b) swim
c) walk
d) capture their food

Many vertebrates ___________by dragging their abdomens on or close to the ground.
a) capture food
b) move
c) spread their scent
d) absorb sunshine

____________veterbrates live on land; however some live in water
a) few
b) many
c) most
d) no

All reptiles are cold-blooded animals. They get their body heat from_____________.
a) shivering
b) laying on rocks
c) warm water
d) the sun

Reptiles are oviparous; they hatch from eggs and look_____________like their parents at birth.
a) nothing
b) sort of
c) exactly
d) similar

The Reptile's skin is covered with thick, tough scales.
a) True
b) False

Most reptiles are carnivorous; meaning they ___________for food.
a) eat plants
b) eat plants and animals
c) eat animals

Most ___________have venom in their fangs.
a) snakes
b) aligators
c) chameleons

Reptiles breathe through gills.
a) True
b) False

The chameleon______________________to blend into the landscape; surroundings.
a) hides quickly
b) changes colors
c) burrows into holes
d) swims well

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